01/23/17 - Getting the Obvious Out of the Way

Featuring the Quad City DJs

When I started on this site, I had a few ideas for museum articles; this update features the Space Jam website, one of the more obvious ones. The next update won't be on a site that everyone already talks about when they talk about old websites, I promise; off the top of my head I have one major and one minor exhibit. At my current rate of updating, that should keep me busy for a while.

Added to the site:

  • Space Jam added as a Major Exhibit under Museum.
  • Added another Link.

12/11/16 - helscome to my wedsite

It's not done.

Excalipoor is now open for business! I've been wanting to make a site for the longest time, but I didn't want to put anything up until I had some actual material for the site. I don't have EVERYTHING ready, but I think there's enough to get things started. Just pay no attention to that mysterious header link up there.

Added to the site:

  • The site itself!
  • Lemmy Land added as a Major Exhibit under Museum.
  • The Nethack Reading List added under Misc.
  • Guestbook open.
  • Added some Links.