Sites That Talk About Old Computer and Game Stuff

The Digital Antiquarian: A site devoted to talking about the history of computer games, starting from the very beginning. And I do mean the very beginning, starting with the original version of Oregon Trail. The site also spends time talking about the new technology and computer types as they become relevant. Although the games the site covers are weighted toward adventure and interactive fiction games, the site does cast a fairly wide net.

Daniel's Legacy Computer Collection: A site filled with information and screenshots for software on a variety of old operating systems. Some of the screenshot galleries are quite exhaustive, especially the screenshot galleries in the Microsoft Bob exhibit, which is the highlight of the website.

Old Sites that I Like

RPG Classics Shrines: If I'm playing an old RPG or Adventure game, the first thing I check is if it has a shrine on RPG Classics. They're a lot more personable than GameFAQs, and they were HTML formatted a full decade before GameFAQs did it. Also, no ads!

The PokeGods Project: Back before we were able to easily tear video games apart for all their secrets in half an hour, there were some ridiculous rumors to be found, especially centered around Pokemon Red and Blue. This page covers the phenomenon quite handily; one caveat is that it sometimes seems to go down, but since it's just a static page you can pop the url into the wayback machine and you should be all set.

Japanese Nintendo Sites Archive: If you want to see the old subsites Nintendo of America set up for their old games, you'll have to use the Wayback Machine. However, Nintendo of Japan has, for whatever reason, kept their subsites up, going all the way back to the SNES and original Gameboy. This might be because these sites are a lot simpler compared to the Macromedia Shockwave stuffed sites NoA had made, but either way they're all here, and it's fun to skim through them and find promotional art for a game that was never used anywhere else or other fun things like that.

Neopets: Okay, I know that Neopets is technically still being updated, but the way I see it the site has been on borrowed time ever since they gutted the original creative and technical staff a couple years ago. Besides, this section is called 'Old Sites', not 'Old Sites that are defunct', and Neopets is definitely an old site. And it really shows. And I really, really love it for that. If you like watching numbers go up and early 2000s website design, you could do worse than spend some time here. My only caveat is that the site's better years are definitely behind it at this point, so don't expect much in the way of new fun site events or contests.