The point of the Museum section of this site is to give me a place to talk about old websites I like. Some of these are old favorites, some are rediscovered classics, some will probably be sites I don't know about yet. However, internet voyeurism is kind of a touchy thing, both as a method of drawing ire toward websites or as a method of stealing content from people who won't (or can't) retaliate, so I want to lay down a few rules about how this section works:

  • First of all, I won't write articles about sites I was personally involved with. For what it's worth, this is a vanishingly small list of websites; I've never had much of an internet presence, especially when I was younger. This is to prevent bias, and is also my excuse for if I get something wrong about the site's history or if I accidentally badmouth someone. I don't expect to badmouth anyone, but hey.
  • Speaking of other people, I'm not planning on contacting anyone involved with the sites I write about. On the one hand, this means I might not be getting the whole story, and will have to infer certain things. On the other hand, most of these sites are over a decade old, and I'm sure the people resonsible for them aren't quite as enamored with their Bubblegum Crisis Shrine or whatever as they were when they were 17, so I don't think they would want to speak with me about anything anyway. These sites were abandoned for a reason, I'm sure.
  • Finally, I just want to reiterate that I really do love these websites. I'm not trying to exploit them for views or treat them as outsider art or anything like that; I think the older internet communities were fantastic and charming places. Unless I really think it's important, I don't expect to be writing about old websites I hate, if for no other reason than the last thing I would want to do is accidentally revitalize and old dead bad website by giving it attention.